Thursday, May 22, 2008

Walker Ranch Park

I'm trying to shoot new IRs whenever possible, and finally got some that I like well enough to post.

Walker Ranch Park is one of my favorites--the footbridge zigs and then zags across Salado Creek. For as many as twenty thousand years before the Walker clan settled here Native Americans made this area their home.
(I know one of the Walkers--they're doing okay in these modern times).

This one is my favorite but the rest of the world prefers #2, which is a little too my usual style. I guess the way I naturally shoot is more popular than my attempts to break away.

I have been looking at other people's IR work lately trying to find a way to convince myself that I like false-color.
Still no luck--I just don't enjoy most of it even with compelling subjects that are well-shot.
The colors just seem so random to me.
This isn't meant to slam those who enjoy it. We all are free to shoot what we want, how we want.
I'm just saying that I enjoy black and white, and by shooting mine in infrared I have finally found a way to make digital black and white work for me.

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