Thursday, February 14, 2008

September Was Fun

The Mission San Jose photo from my previous post was a last-minute choice for inclusion in my first public show at the Blue Star Art Galleries. In fact, half of my prints on the wall were new images captured during August 2007 when I was really getting my act together.
The week-long exhibition went rather well and in addition to selling more prints than I had hoped there were many lessons learned.

Here's the same print proudly displayed in someone else's home--another new experience for me.
I found that I really like seeing people enjoy my work first-hand versus online comments. It's very satisfying to overhear honest compliments secretly, or be given hard-earned cash for your hard-earned images. I was glad that I went to the trouble and expense of finding the very best local print quality from an unlikely source.

But despite these encouraging signs IR gets neglected again for a few more months.

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