Sunday, February 24, 2008

December = Success?

Now that I have the filters under control and a monopod for convenient stability, I began shooting IR much more often.
This was important since it takes quantity to find quality sometimes, and I wanted to be willing and able to do infrared at a moment's notice whenever inspiration hits me.
This is Mission Concepcion.
I still need to hit it at night, but was glad to get a decent B&W from IR here.
It was fun and easy using the monopod compared to a tripod, and I got plenty of stability that fit the situation.

Another shot on the grounds of Concepcion, backlit sky meant more difficult post-processing in zones.
Not too happy with this one, but before the monopod and filter-stack case I wouldn't have even bothered making this exposure.

This is proof that my new system is working.

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