Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Christmas Clouds

Despite the whirlwind of activity on Christmas Day I managed to set aside a few quiet moments for myself, to enjoy God's Love and His gift of a beautiful world for us to live upon.

I was drawn instantly to the clouds that day, and it's interesting to note that I didn't shoot anything of them in color--IR was the first and only method I considered.

These semi-abstract photos weren't subject-driven enough for me to consider posting them anywhere--they were more of a personal thing.
Good practice for sure, and yet with minimal time spent in Photoshop they never fail to please my eyes and give me a few moments of pleasure whenever I look at them.

Such a positive personal reaction must mean something.
Either my opinion that they weren't worthy of wider exposure was wrong, or there's an important lesson contained within.

I went with the second option and tried to learn something from them.
There's something about those clouds...

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