Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monolithic Building

Taken on the same day as the previous two photos and from nearly the same spot as the trees/river shot.
One of the abandoned buildings on the contaminated Big Tex Grain Co. site that will be turned into condos once the EPA gets done whining and fining about asbestos contamination.

The clouds that day worked really well for me in IR again.
Because of the way I shot this it fooled many people into thinking the building was orders of magnitude larger--in reality it's a corrugated sheet metal barn-like structure that's maybe 12-15 feet tall.

But that corrugation was a nightmare to deal with when re-sizing in PhotoShop.
Diagonal lines present special problems when dealing with the blocks/pixels of digital images.
In this case there was no way to re-size the photo for the web without creating moire patterns--the dark circular banding you can see on the thumbnail above that disappears when you click on it to bring up the fullsize image.
Every trick I know to get rid of it failed in PS7, so I went to my often-successful last resort: IrfanView.
This handy and free editing program has a Lanczos filter for re-sizing that handles moire-prone images very well.

From an artistic standpoint I like this photo very much although it generated less interest than I expected when posted online in a few places.
It's dark and foreboding and even a bit scary, which was my intent at the time.
Kind of a Pink Floyd/Kubrick/1984 vibe.

It was a perfect subject and background for infrared.

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