Wednesday, January 30, 2008

August Brings An Important Change

What happened was that I got my filter situation under control.
Taking 3 or four filters out of their individual cases, screwing them together and then onto the lens, and having to reverse the process for every IR photo-op was just more hassle than I was willing to deal with.
It was far too easy to fumble things and possibly drop a filter, or (Heaven forbid!) my camera. Took so much time and effort I just about hated shooting IR.

Then a simple idea finally popped-up in my head: Leave them screwed together, and find a case that will hold the stack!
So that's what I did, and the difference was astounding.

I started to shoot a few IRs almost everywhere I went, so long as I had space for the filters in my tiny camera backpack--sometimes other gear would take precedence.
This view across the San Antonio River has never been seen before now.
In processing this photo over and over I realized that having a nearly black sky was important to me--makes the clouds 'pop' better, and is a classic IR effect that's well worth exploiting.

Another SA River shot from late in August, also debuting here. I didn't plan to post this so the editing is very sloppy, but it shows the direction I'm going with my IR work.
Water, clouds, dark sky, structures, contrast, black & white.

IR is now easier for me in the field and I no longer hate the way my processing looks.
Still, there's room for improvement before I'll be happy.

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