Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snail's Pace

My other photographic interests kept me from pursuing IR on a regular basis.
I'm a dedicated night shooter, but also spend a lot of time on macros, studio/product, stereo 3D images, flash macros and portraits. I'm in the music business and shoot all of the bands I work with for their websites and promotional prints, too.
IR, being only my latest discipline, definitely took a backseat for much of 2007.

I did find that for me at least, churches made attractive IR/B&W subjects. This is St. John's in Boerne.
I think I went the HDR route for both of these, for better or worse.

This photo of Our Lady Of Grace in LaCoste should have put me off of ever trying to shoot IR on overcast days--a lesson I forgot until recently.

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Bruce said...

A commendable beginning, Keith. I'm certain you'll excel in IR photography just as you have already in so many other endeavors.