Friday, January 25, 2008

Fast Forward

It's now July, and I haven't bothered with IR in months.

On a long elevated walkway over a nature preserve on South Padre Island, I finally decided to stack my filters and give it another try, with my camera steadied on the guardrail:
Lack of a foreground subject doomed this to the "interesting but not great" file.

Later that month I came across IR shooter Joseph Levy while visiting IR Buzz Blog. In particular, the step-by-step tour of his IR-to-Color Photoshop workflow piqued my interest, so I applied it to all of my previous IR photos.
This was the only one which worked.
Everything else remained solidly black and white for reasons unknown.
I tried everything I could think of, but never got another IR to turn into color.
It must be that my IR filter doesn't leave enough visible light to work with, or else I suddenly lost my skills at following directions.
Either way, my pursuit of colorized IR ended almost before it began.

But this only bothered me for a short time...

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